14 Stage Water Purification System

Our Pro Series Water System Utilizes a 14 Stage Water Purification Program consisting of a combination of high capacity water softening, activated carbon adsorption, sediment filtration, together with reverse osmosis,  solid carbon block polishing, one micron absolute filtration, ultra violet light sterilizing and ozone injection. Our operators also follow stringent quality control procedures on a daily basis. The resulting product is an incredibly clear, good tasting drinking water that is virtually free of chlorine, organic  chemicals, dissolved solids and harmful bacteria. The taste of coffee, teas and concentrated juices is noticeably improved. Here’s how it works and by the way ALL of our Purification and Bottling is done in a Pharmaceutical grade CleanRoom!


ACTIVATED CARBON ADSORPTION:  A high grade, commercial quality, activated carbon filter. It removes or substantially reduces chlorine and a wide range of volatile  halogens, pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents such as THMs, TCEs, Benzene, EDB, Trichloroethane, DBCP, Dichloropropane, Dichloroethelyne as well as many  other harmful and foul tasting odors.


ION EXCHANGE WATER SOFTENING: Water softening is a technique that serves the removal of the ions that cause the water to be hard.  This keeps your RO system running more efficiently, longer, cuts down on maintenance and produces a better finished water.


20 MICRON PARTICULATE FILTRATION:  This filter removes minute particles of iron, dust, organic debris, mold, pollen, sand, silt and other sediment down to eight (8)  times smaller than the visible range of the human eye.


5 MICRON PARTICULATE FILTRATION:  This filter removes even finer particles of iron, dust, organic debris, mold, pollen, sand, silt and other sediment down to forty (40) times smaller than the visible range of the human eye.


200 PSI BOOSTER PUMP: Our multi stage booster pump boosts the water pressure to a point that pure water is will percolate through the reverse osmosis membrane. We use a stainless steel pump for better quality and longer pump life.

STEP 6 & 7

REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANE – TFC TYPE:  A process whereby water is forced through a semi permeable membrane, separating the dissolved minerals from the “Permeate” or purified water. Reverse Osmosis is recognized by the World Health Organization as “the most efficient and effective means of improving drinking water quality”.  Reverse osmosis membranes remove over 99% of all dissolved minerals and metals from the water. If even a slight variation in quality occurs, our system has a alarm that is triggered and the entire system shuts down.


MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL SYSTEM: Our system utilizes a computer control module that constantly monitors the water produced to make sure that it is of top quality. It will sound an alarm if the water goes “out of spec” and even shut down automatically if the situation is not corrected.


PROTECTED STORAGE: Once the pure water has been produced, it is stored in food grade, FDA approved water storage tanks. These tanks are vented through a 1 micron absolute filter. This protects the water from harmful entities that could otherwise enter the storage tanks and contaminate the water.


RE-PRESSURIZATION PUMP: Our state of the art pumping system uses a water cooled stainless steel pump for long life and to prevent contamination of the purified water.


SOLID BLOCK CARBON FILTER – 5 MICRON:  This solid block carbon filter provides a second line of filtration to remove the last possible trace of organic chemicals and polish the flavor of the water prior to dispensing.


1 MICRON ABSOLUTE FILTRATION: An extremely fine sediment filter that removes even the smallest of possible minute particles left in the water.


ULTRAVIOLET PROTECTION: The water passes through the U.V. sanitizer (which is NSF/ANSI 55 CLASS A CERTIFIED) just prior to reaching the bottle. It is used to eliminate bacteria, virus, cysts and pathogens. The units provided with our systems have a sterilizing capacity far exceeding the specified requirements.


OZONE MIXING: As a final step, just prior to bottling, the water has ozone mixed with it to provide a chemical-free disinfection protection. Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen, created by an ozone generator. In some cases it 3000 times stronger than chlorine, yet reverts back to simple oxygen after remaining active for a period of about 24 hours, or long after the bottle has been capped. This ensures bacteria free water with a long shelf life. Our water travels through a recirculation loop which adds additional ozone in our FDA grade storage tank periodically added to maintain the completely sterile and bacteria-free condition.  The purpose of recirculation is to make sure we keep 100% sanitary and bacteria free system.